Northern Fiction Alliance

Northern Fiction Alliance

Having been awarded an International Showcasing Grant in the summer of 2016, the Northern Fiction Alliance was born. Our proposal for the grant was to take 4 independent Northern publishers - Peepal Tree Press, And Other Stories, Dead Ink, and Comma Press - to a number of international book fairs (Beijing, Buenos Aires, New York, Frankfurt) under the group identity of the 'Northern Fiction Alliance', where we can showcase and sell the work of several exciting and diverse authors to help build the cultural identity of strong British writing as well as British publishing based in the North. The project will culminate in a showcase at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2017 where each publisher in the alliance will bring an author to engage in events in and around the book fair. 

So far the Northern Fiction Alliance has travelled to Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest publishing event, where each of the publishing houses engaged in rights meetings with publishers from around the world, and are beginning to plan their trips for next year. Not only that, but a shared brand identity has been created, along with a shared rights catalogue which also featured some other, new members of the Northern Fiction Alliance: Bluemoose Books, Mayfly Press, Saraband and Tilted Axis.

You can check out our shared rights catalogue 

You can see our shared Twitter list here.

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