Aleksandrs Rugens

Vilis Lācītis (real name Aleksandrs Ruģēns , born in 1975) is a Latvian writer and musician .

Alexander played music in his youth, from 2002 to 2007 he played in the group "Pupociklu vasara". He then moved to live in the UK and later studied anthropology at Oxford University .

He became known for his writing in 2010, when his debut novel "Stroika to London" was published, about the life of Latvian migrant workers in England, asking questions about Latvian identity in the 21st century in a light and humorous tone. The novel was signed with a pseudonym, Vilis Lācītis; the author publicly appeared, dressed in a bear's mask, and his real name was not initially disclosed. The debut novel won a special prize at the " Literary Annual Awards 2010" ceremony and was nominated for the prize in the category "Best Debut", which was acknowledged as the most read novel by the author of the Latvian novel in 2010.

Published again by Mansards, Vilis Lācītis released the next prose work "To Ramen Lacples" (2011), which was originally created as a play. Subsequently, the book "The Long Way to Hantimansiysk" (2012, together with Schmidz Klonatan Wawert) and "The Amsterdam Principle" (2013) were also published. In 2011, Stroika with a view to London issued a listening guide.

In January 2017, the English version of his first novel was published under the name "Stroika with a London View", available online.

In 2013, Pupociklu Summer's debut album came out.

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