Dace Rukšāne

Dace Rukšāne-Ščipčinska (1969) is a Latvian writer and journalist. After finishing high school she studied Medicine and Biology and additionally participated in the SOURCES 2 Script Development Workshop in Vienna. Rukšāne became known in 2002 for her novel Romāniņš/The Little Affair that touched upon the subjects of feminine sexuality gained great popularity. It was followed by books Beatrises gultas stāsti/ Bedtime Stories of Beatrice, and Kāpēc tu raudāji?/ Why were you crying?, as well as several articles and solumns devoted to intimate subject matters and relationships. During the 1990's Rukšāne wrote poetry, whereas in early 2000's several of her plays were staged in various theatres in Latvia. Her novels have been published in Germany and Denmark. In 2002, Rukšāne became a regular contributor to a weekly column in “Sestdiena" magazine. From 2004 until 2012 she was editor-in-chief of “Lilit” magazine.

Anthologies featuring Dace Rukšāne

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The Book of Riga brings together ten short stories written about and from the capital of Latvia, showcasing the work of some of the country’s most well-know, and exciting emerging writers.