Kate Clanchy

Kate Clanchy is the author of three collections of poetry, Slattern, Samarkand and Newborn. In 2009, her short story, ‘The Not-Dead and the Saved’ won the BBC National Short Story Award. She has also written a children’s book (Our Cat Henry Comes to the Swings) and a memoir of her friendship with a Kosovan Albanian asylum seeker, What Is She Doing Here?: A Refugee’s Story.

Anthologies featuring Kate Clanchy

Litmus: Short Stories from Modern Science

This anthology draws out and distills science’s love of narrative from a wide range of scientific disciplines, weaving theory into very human stories, and delving into the humanity of theorists and experimenters as they stood on the brink of momentous discoveries.


This book asks 20 authors and 20 historians to bring crucial moments of British protest to life.