Pauls Bankovskis

Writer and journalist Pauls Bankovskis (1973) was born in Līgatne, Latvia. He studied glass art at the Riga School for Applied Arts and philosophy at the University of Latvia (1992– 1996). His prose was first published in 1993, and a prolific author, he has now published 10 novels, several collections of short stories, books and works of non-fiction and film scripts. His focus tends to shift from Latvian history, its myths, and legends to the realities of the recent Soviet past and the possibilities of the future. In 2007, Pauls Bankovskis published his first children’s book, The Tiny-Noggins’ Play House/ Mazgalvīši spēlē mājās which was awarded the International Jānis Baltvilks Prize. Bankovskis' works have been translated into German, Czech and Finnish. His latest novel 18, published within a series of historical novels We. Latvia. The 20th Century, and discusses 1918, the year the Republic of Latvia was declared.