Short Story Courses


About the courses

Our six-month courses specialise in the short story genre, and are delivered by a knowledgeable and esteemed writer in collaboration with ourselves. Over six workshops, you'll become familiar with short story narrative structures, and be able to apply them to your own work. Structured, peer-driven feedback and personalised tuition will contribute to your completion of three short stories.

We make our courses as accessible as possible: they span the UK and take place routinely throughout the year; you don't actually need any previous experience - just enthusiasm for short story writing; and you only need a pen, paper, laptop/computer, and internet access in order to upload your work, download others' submissions, and keep in contact. We've had plenty of positive feedback about our courses in the past.

“The course has been absolutely amazing and has improved my confidence”

“It's been brilliant! Excellent, excellent teaching”

“I have loved attending this course”

“Superb course”

“It inspired me"

We are always looking for new voices in short fiction, and it's hoped that our courses will unearth and develop contenders for one of our showcases of new writing. We've also recently started creating eBooks of stories from our courses, co-edited by a nominated individual from the group and the tutor. These can be bought online from Amazon, and are a great culmination of 6 months of creative development.

We currently have courses taking places in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle. See below for details of our upcoming courses that you can sign up for!

Past course eBooks

How Do You Sleep?: Short Stories by New Sheffield Writers (Comma Short Story Course Book 1) featuring Jude Brown's 2016 Short Story Course participants from Sheffield

Threads: Short Stories by New Liverpool Writers (Comma Short Story Course Book 2) featuring Sarah Schofield's 2016 Short Story Course participants form Liverpool

William Faulkner's Typewriter: Short Stories by New Manchester Writers (Comma Short Story Course Book 3) featuring Michelle Green's 2016 Short Story Course participants from Manchester

In Transition: Short Stories by New Newcastle Writers (Comma Short Story Course Book 4) featuring Avril Joy's 2017 Short Story Course participants from Newcastle

Tyto Alba: Short Stories by New Leeds Writers (Comma Short Story Course Book 5) featuring S J Bradley's 2017 Short Story Course participants from Leeds

Current Courses

We currently don’t have any upcoming short story courses planned, but please keep your eye on this page and on our social media feeds for announcements.