Northern Fiction Alliance

Northern Fiction Alliance

The Northern Fiction Alliance is a new publishing collective led by Comma Press, alongside core members Leeds’s Peepal Tree Press, Liverpool’s Dead Ink, and Sheffield’s And Other Stories. Bringing together the best new titles on offer, the project is devised to showcase the diversity, creativity and spirit of risk-taking that sets Northern publishers apart.

Since forming in summer 2016, the Northern Fiction Alliance has expanded to include Bluemoose Books, Tilted Axis Press, Mayfly Press, Route and Saraband, and provided networking and training opportunities for other publishers based in the region. With support from Arts Council England, NFA members have travelled to a number of international book fairs (Frankfurt, London, Book Expo America) in order to showcase the work of their authors on a global platform, and establish the North of England as a hive of creativity in the UK publishing sector.

The purpose of forming the Northern Fiction Alliance was to work towards the following goals:

• Exposure to new markets abroad and establishing relationships with international publishers as a result of this.

• Increased revenue for writers and publishers through international rights sales.

• Increased author visibility across the international stage, through events and media coverage.

• Raising authors’ standing at home (by making their work globally recognised).

• To form a working collective structure that provides mentoring and support through the sharing of contacts, skills and resources.

• Positioning Northern writing and publishing as a culturally distinct product on a global stage.

• To increase the resilience of the emerging, domestic fiction market in England.

You can check out our 16-17 shared rights catalogue here, and our new 17-18 catalogue here.

You can see our shared Twitter list here.

The Northern Fiction Alliance Website

This website serves as both the digital portfolio of the Northern Fiction Alliance - featuring rights information, blurbs, and contact details for international rights managers - but also a central hub for the Alliance. Readers can browse the books of the indies involved, learn more about both the publishers and the Alliance generally, and also gain exclusive access to specially recorded video content featuring lead authors from the 4 core houses. 

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