Frode Grytten

Frode Grytten was born in 1960 in Bergen, Norway, and grew up in Odda, a small industrial town on the Norwegian west coast. He spent fifteen years working as a feature journalist. He has published a collection of poems Start (Start) (1983), and is also the author of two children's books, a travel book, the novel Bikubesong (Song of the Beehive) (1999), and several short story collections: Dans som en sommerfugl, stikk som en bie (Dance Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee) (1986), Langdistansesvømmar (Longdistanceswimmer) (1990), 80 grader aust for Birdland (80 Degrees East of Birdland) (1993), Meir enn regn (More Than Rain) (1995), and Popsongar (Popsongs) (2001). His works have been translated into Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, Albanian, Croatian and Chinese. The story 'Dublin in the Rain' was included in the 2005 Harvill Secker anthology of Norwegian writing The Norwegian Feeling for Real, edited by Harald Bache-Wiig, Birgit Bjerck and Jan Kjærstad.

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