Jalal Hasan

Jalal Hasan was born in Baghdad in 1968. He published his
first story ‘Five Travelers by Five Paper Boats’ whilst still in
secondary school and graduated from the University of
Baghdad’s Spanish Department in 1994. In 1992, after the
publication of his 98-word story, ‘The Last Day for Rain!’ in
the Lebanese Magazine Al-Aadab, Hasan was arrested and
detained for seven months. After continued pressure on him
personally, Hasan fled to Jordan in May 1997, and worked in
Amman as a freelance writer and journalist, until he moved
again to Arizona State, as a refugee in 1999. He currently lives
with his wife and two children in Los Angeles, where he
writes and drives a cab (what he calls ‘the best job in the
world!’). He has published two collections of short stories The
Last Day for Rain! (1998) and Meanwhile…in Baghdad (2008,
both with Alwah, Madrid). He is currently writing a novel.

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