Samantha Lenarda

Samantha Lenarda graduated in Literature and Philosophy, specialising in the study of language and dialects, with particular regard to Venetian. She is a short story writer, and has also written several volumes on the Venetian dialect together with Gianfranco Siega and Michela Brugnera: Fiabe da collezione in dialetto con versione italiana, (A Collection of Tales, libreria editrice Filippi, 2009),Dizionario del lessico veneto etimologicamente e curiosamente commentato (Dictionary of the Venetian Lexicon Etymologically and Curiously AnnotatedFinegil Editoriale, 2009), Il dialetto perduto (The Lost Dialect, Editoria Universitaria, 2007). Her work is also published on the website, VEV: Vocabolario storico-etimologico del veneziano (Historical-Etymological Vocabulary of the Venetian Dialect –

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