Project Something – Exhibition 2016

Private View
5pm – 8pm
Free Drinks *while they last*
Everyone is Welcome, Artists will be present to answer questions.

Part of The Leeds Digital Festival

Exhibition Opening
1st – 3rd of May
9am – 5pm

Exhibition Overview

The themes of the exhibition are ‘What is (can we create) a sense of place in a digital landscape?’ [Jonathan Briggs] and ‘Chance and Authorship in Analogue and Digital Storytelling’ [Benjamin Hall].

The Exhibition aims to combine digital and analogue data, created by ourselves and others (the public) in order to generate new pieces of artwork. The exhibition will demonstrate individual characteristics of human experience within the gathered content, offering some kind of visual feedback as reward for the endeavour of creating the data.

Project Something is a one-week exhibition, which explores location, chance and storytelling within a post-digital landscape. This will consist of a series of interactive, narrative engines presented as projections, interfaces and print material. The engines will be harvesting data at both a local and global level to generate new, dynamic narratives by combining existing stories from Leeds with internet feeds and APIs. These projections will be centred around a machine, which dispenses printed strategies on card, which can either be used as prompts for interaction or records of contribution.

Aims of the Exhibition


Visitors to The University and website will be able to contribute to and influence how the narratives develop and evolve. Contributions can take the form of text input, simple decisions and interacting with the conductive interface in person at the exhibition. We will explore different forms of chance in order to create new narratives.


The exhibition will be an opportunity to show case new methods in the practices of writing. Both our practices have explored technology for generative, interpretative, responsive and visual means of creating stories. The works will bring together multiple means for presenting stories: design, film, sound and literature.

Creating A Living document

Following the exhibition, the website will be a document of activity and a creative work in its own right.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a printed publication, which will offer a cultural and technical insight in to the engines and outputs featured.