Liverpool Stories 1

Edited by Tane Vayu

Liverpool’s literary heritage is the envy of many cities. From the Merseybeat poets of the ‘60s, to the great TV and film writers of the ‘80s and ‘90s, few English cities have left such a mark on the nation’s imagination through its writers. This, the first in a new series of short story mini-anthologies, hopes to celebrate Liverpool’s on-going literary output through accessible, magazine-style collections – distributed to as many readers as possible.

Issue 1 features exclusive stories from leading figures in British horror and crime writing -Ramsey Campbell, Margaret Murphy and Martin Edwards - as well as a rising star of Liverpool’s live literature scene, Dinesh Allirajah, and new aspiring writers. From the darker corners of Liverpool life - moments of inexplicable haunting, claustrophobia and obsession - to tales of fantasy - accounts of aliens living next door or demons lurking in the park across the street - these stories close in on the pace of Liverpool life and show it in balletic slow motion. In each case, Liverpool becomes an altered landscape - a place changed forever by the extremes of a child’s imagination or an adult’s fear.

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1 May 2004