The Cuckoo Cage

Edited by Ra Page

New Origin Stories


The superhero of comic books and blockbuster movies may be a quintessentially American invention, forever saving the world in skin-tight spandex. But the cultural DNA of the superhero can arguably be traced to a much older, more progressive, British tradition: the larger-than-life folk heroes of historical protests – General Ludd, Captain Swing, Lady Skimmington, and others; semi-fictional identities that ordinary protestors adopted, often dressing up in the process.


In this unique experiment, twelve authors have been tasked with resurrecting that tradition: to spawn a new generation of present-day British superheroes, willing to bring the fight back to British shores and to more progressive causes. From the dimension-jumping statue-toppler, to the shape-shifting single mum raiding supermarkets to stock local foodbanks... these figures offer unlikely new insights into shared, centuries-old political causes, and usher in a new league of proud, British (social justice) warriors...

Afterwords by: Chris Cocking, Frank E. Earp, Niklas Frykman, Carl Griffin, Ariel Hessayon, Richard Hingley, Rhian E. Jones, Briony McDonagh, Katrina Navickas, Richard Sheldon, Rose Wallis, & John Walter

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'Clever and insightful, this book might inspire people to look deeper into alternative narratives and think about how, even without superpowers, action can be taken.' - Fiendfully Reading

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11 Jan 2022