The Comma Press Podcast

We are delighted to be able to bring you The Comma Press Podcast, allowing us to be able to discuss in greater depth the stories we publish. Whether that story is taken from one of our interdisciplinary collections, which involve authors working with scientists, historians, philosophers or crowd scientists. Or whether it's discussing our translated commissions from countries across the globe. It is our hope that through this podcast, you'll get a sense of how the story in question came to be, what influenced the writer, and the wider context that goes into the themes, symbols and characterisation of these tales. 

Series One focuses on our best-selling Protest: Stories of Resistance anthology, and episodes will feature the author and their historical consultant from the collection, alongside a third guest who will be connected to the cause or movement, either directly, or in a more contemporary way, and will be hosted by a Comma editor.

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EPISODE #1 Never Going Underground with Juliet Jacques, Em Temple-Malt and Louise Wallwein

EPISODE #2 Rivers of Blood with David and Stephen Constantine

EPISODE #3 Battle of Orgreave with Martyn Bedford, David Waddington and Craig Oldham

EPISODE #4 The Suffrage Movement with Michelle Green, Elizabeth Crawford and Helen Antrobus

EPISODE #5 The Aldermaston Marches with Stuart Evers, Michael Randle and Mai Chatham

EPISODE #6 The New Cross Fire and Brixton Riots with Jacob Ross and Stephen Reicher

Series Two coming soon...



The Bookseller announces the launch of The Comma Press Podcast

'With long episodes and in-depth discussions, the podcast brings out another side to each story and is a welcome addition to a growing number of podcasts from Manchester.' - The Mancunion