English PEN - Literature in Exile

25 Sep 2021 - 3.30PM

Literature in Exile 

Saturday 25 September, 15.30 

Purcell Room 

Tickets are £10 and available to buy now


Xiaolu Guo, Hassan Blasim & Edmund de Waal examine writing in banishment


What does it mean to write ‘in exile’? 


Chaired by broadcaster Georgina Godwin, the panellists look at what is lost and what is gained when writers are banished from their homelands. How can they engage with their country of origin - and the one that is now hosting them?

This event is part of the centenary celebration of English PEN. The PEN movement has worked with writers forced into exile for many decades, from the German PEN Club in exile, founded in the 1930s, through to current groups dedicated to writers expelled from Eritrea, North Korea and Iran.