The Manchester Independent Book Market 2014

7 Jun 2014

7th-8th June sees the return of Manchester Independent Book Market.

Now in its sixth year, the Manchester Indie Book Market is the largest open-to-the-public book market specialising in independent publishers in the UK. It features presses from across the country publishing poetry, novels, short stories, art, photography, artists' books, non-fiction, local history and collectible editions.

Spanning across two days and held in an indoor marquee in the bustling centre of Manchester, the book market is a part of the Spring Festival of Markets, which runs from the 22 May - 8 June. The whole event features a series of themed markets, from vintage clothing to vinyl fairs. The Book Market is held in The Orangery, an indoor marquee in St. Ann's Square. Visit the Facebook event for updates.

This year's Book Market is headlined by performance poet Jess Green, whose video 'Dear Mr Gove', a five-minute long poem that criticises the government's unpopular education reforms, recently went viral, garnering nearly 300,000 views in its first month.

You can view it here.

The market is being compered by Mancunian literary legend Gerry Potter (also known as Chloe Poems), with back-to-back readings and performances from poets and authors including Ben Mellor (winner of the 2009 BBC Radio 4 National Poetry Slam), Tony Walsh (Glastonbury Poet in Residence 2011), and Lauren Bolger (winner of The Roy Fisher Prize for poetry 2012).

If you're interested in performing at this year's Manchester Independent Book Market, please contact Holly on See below for the current performance schedule...

Saturday 7th June:

12:00pm – Jess Green

12:10pm – Jess Green

12:20pm – Jess Green

12:30pm – Jess Green

12:40pm – Adam Lowe

12:50pm – Tony Ballantyne

1:00pm – Ben Mellor

1:10pm – Paul Stevens

1:20pm – John Siddique

1:30pm – Tony Walsh

1:40pm – Kendel Hippolyte

1.50pm - Matt Panesh 


2:00pm – Anneliese Mackintosh

2:10pm – Jackie Hagan

2:20pm – Kieran King

2:30pm –Dave Viney

2:40pm – Anna Percy

2:50pm – Joe Daly

3:00pm – Fat Roland

3:10pm – Steve Garside

3:20pm – Adrian Slatcher

3:30pm – Steph Pike

3:40pm – Maria Roberts

3:50pm - Tia Mchale

4:00pm – Sarah-Clare Conlon

4:10pm – Tony Curry

4:20pm – Nicola Mostyn

4:30pm – Chris Jam

4:40pm – Melanie Rees

4:50pm – Sarah Miller

5:00pm – Lauren Bolger


Sunday 8th June:

12:00pm – Chanje Kunda

12:10pm - Charlotte Gringas

12:20pm – Dermot Glennon

12:30pm – JT Welsh

12:40pm – Simon Kurt Unsworth

12:50pm - Cheryl Martin

1:00pm – Hema Macherla

1:10pm – Luke Yates

1:20pm – Bill Rogers

1:30pm – Sarah Dixon

1:40pm – Paul Morris

1.50pm - Shirley May


2:00pm – Marie Louise Cookson

2:10pm – Sean Cernow

2:20pm – Tom Kwei

2:30pm –Chris Woods

2:40pm – Benny-jo Zahl

2:50pm – Mark Powell

3:00pm – Desiree Reynolds

3:10pm – Joy France

3:20pm – Valerie O’Riordan

3:30pm – Zach Roddis

3:40pm - Michelle Green 

3.50pm - Jenny Lippmann 


4:00pm – Dai Parsons

4:10pm – Chris Keil

4:20pm – Hafsah Bashir

4:30pm – Zoe Lambert

4:40pm – John Dench

4:50pm – Louise Marr

5:00pm – David Judge

5.10pm - David Hartley