Refugee Tales: Volume II at Small Wonder Festival with Marina Warner and Neel Mukherjee

30 Sep 2017 - 12.00PM - 9.99

Last year’s Refugee Tales session at Small Wonder made an enormous impact. Modelled on Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the second volume communicates the plight of refugees and the experience of those who, having sought asylum, are indefinitely detained. Re-telling personal stories, Neel Mukherjee and Marina Warner illuminate individual suffering and survival.

Marina Warner, who re-creates ‘The Mother’s Tale’, is a multiple prize-winning author of fiction, history, criticism and studies of myths.

Neel Mukherjee, who re-tells ‘The Soldier’s Tale’, is an award-winning novelist whose new book is A State of Freedom.

Anna Pincus has worked for Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group for ten years.


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