The Lorry Driver's Tale at Brighton Refugee Festival

18 May 2018 - 6.00PM

Attitudes towards refugees and migrants are worsening across Europe. Xenophobic parties are on the rise, states are sealing their borders and, after the peak of 2015-6, public interest has declined. This year’s MARS festival evolves around the public reading of short stories from the Refugee Tales series, combining with interviews and discussions.

It is often said that borders breed dualities and paradoxes. Today we treat borders as solid, but history shows us they are not. On the map they are often the only sign of human presence on the planet, while they are so inhumane. As mental constructs separating people and societies they are both notoriously powerful and amazingly brittle. For refugees, crossing a border is one of the most difficult moments of their journey, getting more difficult by the year. How do they deal with this challenge? What new paths, new synergies and ideas have emerged across the borders of ‘Fortress Europe’?

The event will contain:
– A reading of the ‘The Lorry Driver’s Tale’ (from Refugee Tales 2016).
– An expert discussion on current border policies, cultures and mentalities.
– Some impromptu collective poetry-making!
The event will be hosted by Dr Eugene Michail.

Organised by the Migrant And Refugee Solidarity group at the University of Brighton.

Venue: Room G7, 10-11 Pavilion Parade, BN2 1RA

No step-free access.