Europa28 announced at Hay Festival 2019

On Monday the 27th May, Hay Festival announced a new project: Hay Festival Europa28, a Hay Festival project funded by Wom@rts, highlighting the contribution of women in Europe across the fields of literature, science and the arts.

Comma are delighted to be partnering with Hay Festival on this project to publish an anthology of essays and short stories by 28 acclaimed women writers, artists, scientists & entrepeneurs from across Europe, who will each envision their future for the continent. 

The anthology, Europa28: Visions for the Future, will be published in March 2020 and is edited by Sophie Hughes and Sarah Cleave.

With so many flare-ups of nationalism and isolationism in recent years, there is a sense that Europe needs to be fixed, or, at the very least, profoundly reconfigured; whether it is to address the grievances of those feeling disenfranchised from it, or to improve social cohesion, or even continue to exist as a democratic transnational entity. This powerful and timely anthology will look at an ever-changing Europe from a variety of different perspectives and offer hope and insight into how we might begin to rebuild.

Cristina Fuentes, Hay Festival international director who unveiled the project on the 27th May, said: “Europe is a continent in perpetual change, it has been the birthplace to some of the world's most unifying works of art and its most terrifying ideologies. Hay Festival Europa28 seeks to unearth the new ideas and art that can lead us forwards in this moment of political and cultural division, driven by an inspiring group of women who share their visions as beacons to guide the next generation. Our new anthology and events will be spaces in which to think and to hope. Join us.”

The 28 participating women, one from each European country, represent a multi-disciplinary snapshot of the best minds of our time, including novelist Leïla Slimani, entrepreneur Hilary Cottam, activist Janne Teller, anthropologist Gloria Wekker, and actress Lisa Dwan.

The full list of contributors is as follows:

Asja  Bakic

Zsofia Ban

Annelies Beck

Silvia Bencivelli

Hilary Cottam

Lisa Dwan

Yvonne Hofstetter

Nora Ikstena

Maarja Kangro

Kapka Kassabova

Sofia Kouvelaki

Carine Krecke

Caroline Muscat

Nora Nadjarian

Ioana Nicolaie

Bronka Nowicka

Tereza Nvotova

Ana Pessoa

Edurne Portela

Julya Rabinowich

Karolina Ramqvist

Apolena Rychlikova

Renata Salecl

Leila Slimani

Janne Teller

Saara Turunen

Zydrune Vitaite

Gloria Wekker


You can read more about the Hay Festival Europa28 project and its corresponding events on their website