Christmas Sale

Until January 2nd, enjoy discounts on loads of our titles, with up to 30% off single author collections and 50% off anthologies, it's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself, or the bibliophile in your life - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Comma!


The Silence Room

Sean O'Brien

Chain-smoking alcoholics, warring academics, gothic stalkers and aspiring writers are just some of the visitors that browse the mysterious library at the heart of Sean O’Brien’s fiction debut.


Tea at the Midland

David Constantine

The characters in David Constantine’s fourth collection are often delicately caught in moments of defiance. Constantine’s bewitching, finely-wrought stories give us permission to escape.


Instruction Manual for Swallowing

Adam Marek

Welcome to the surreal, misshapen universe of Adam Marek’s first collection; a bestiary of hybrids from the techno-crazed future and mythical past.


The Shieling

David Constantine

The characters in David Constantine’s remarkable new collection are united by an urge to absent themselves, to abscond from the intolerable pressures of normal life and withdraw into strange ideas, political causes, even private languages.


When It Changed

ed. Geoff Ryman

When It Changed is an attempt to put authors and scientists back in touch with each other, to re-introduce research ideas with literary concerns, and to re-forge the alloy that once made SF great.


The New Uncanny

ed. Ra Page, Sarah Eyre

14 leading authors have here been challenged to write fresh fictional interpretations of what the uncanny might mean in the 21st century, to update Freud’s famous checklist of what gives us the creeps, and to give the hulking canon of uncanny fiction a shot in the arm, a shock to the neck-bolts...


M.O.: Crimes of Practice

ed. Martin Edwards

These stories demonstrate that, even with the most despicable of crimes, there’s methodology in the madness.


Elsewhere: Stories from Small Town Europe

ed. Maria Crossan

Pressed to describe what the phrase ‘small town’ conjures up, we’d be hard pushed to say anything positive: closed-minded; petty; provincial; parochial. On a broad European canvas, however, the rich traditions of short story writing challenge these preconceptions.


The Book of Liverpool

ed. Maria Crossan, Eleanor Rees

Bringing together fiction from some of the city’s most celebrated writers, The Book of Liverpool traces the unique contours that decades of social and economic change can impress on a city.


Lifting The Piano With One Hand

Gaia Holmes

Yorkshire-born poet Gaia Holmes' much-anticipated second collection.


Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals

ed. Ra Page, Dr Rob Appleby

An anthology of specially-commissioned stories exploring thought experiments and their use in science to crack fundamental problems.


The BBC National Short Story Award 2018

ed. Stig Abell

The thirteenth year of the esteemed BBC prize shortlist, this year introduced by head judge Stig Abell.