Abdallah Tayeh

Abdallah Tayeh is a founding member and Deputy President of the Palestinian Writers’ Union and Vice President of the Afro-Asian Writers’ Organization in Palestine. His political articles have been published in many Arab publications and he is an editor of the literary magazines El Zawia and Dafater Thagafia. He has published five collections of short stories: Who Knocks at the Door (1997), The Circles are Orange (1991), Searching is a Continuous Rhythm (1997), Waves Slipping Away (2001) and Soldiers Who Don’t Like Butterflies (2003), as well as five novels: Those Who Search for the Sun (1979), The Car and the Night (1982), The Prickly Pear Will Ripen Soon (1983), Faces in Hot Water (1996) and The Moon in Beit Daras (2001).

Anthologies featuring Abdallah Tayeh

The Book of Gaza

This anthology brings together some of the pioneers of the Gazan short story from that era, as well as younger exponents of the form, with ten stories that offer glimpses of life in the Strip that go beyond the global media headlines.