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Instruction Manual for Swallowing

Adam Marek

Welcome to the surreal, misshapen universe of Adam Marek’s first collection; a bestiary of hybrids from the techno-crazed future and mythical past.


Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals

ed. Ra Page, Dr Rob Appleby

An anthology of specially-commissioned stories exploring thought experiments and their use in science to crack fundamental problems.


The Book of Liverpool

ed. Maria Crossan, Eleanor Rees

Bringing together fiction from some of the city’s most celebrated writers, The Book of Liverpool traces the unique contours that decades of social and economic change can impress on a city.


Tea at the Midland

David Constantine

The characters in David Constantine’s fourth collection are often delicately caught in moments of defiance. Constantine’s bewitching, finely-wrought stories give us permission to escape.

Recent Releases

The Book of Birmingham

ed. Kavita Bhanot

Part of Comma’s award-winning ‘Reading the City’ series, featuring landmark local talent from Birmingham’s burgeoning book scene.


The BBC National Short Story Award 2018

ed. Stig Abell

The thirteenth year of the esteemed BBC prize shortlist, this year introduced by head judge Stig Abell.

Where the Road Runs Out

Gaia Holmes

Third collection from acclaimed contemporary female poet Gaia Holmes.


The New Uncanny

ed. Ra Page, Sarah Eyre

14 leading authors have here been challenged to write fresh fictional interpretations of what the uncanny might mean in the 21st century, to update Freud’s famous checklist of what gives us the creeps, and to give the hulking canon of uncanny fiction a shot in the arm, a shock to the neck-bolts...

Take a peek at some of Comma's forthcoming titles.


Refugee Tales

ed. David Herd, Anna Pincus

Fourteen stories exploring real life refugee experiences, told in the style of the Canterbury Tales

The Iraqi Christ

Hassan Blasim

From legends of the desert to horrors of the forest, Blasim’s stories blend the fantastic with the everyday, the surreal with the all-too-real.

In Another Country: Selected Stories

David Constantine

Gathering together stories from over two decades of writing, this selection demonstrates why Constantine has been hailed as ‘perhaps the finest of contemporary writers in this form’. Featuring the story that inspired the motion picture, 45 Years.

Protest: Stories of Resistance

ed. Ra Page

The paperback edition of our bestselling anthology of British protest inspired short stories.

Comma Apps

MacGuffin is a literary jukebox, featuring free exclusive stories by Comma Press authors in text and audio form. LitNav also offers a new way of 'reading the city'.

Breaking The Genre

Literary interventions into science, horror, crime and history.

BBC Short Story Award

Now in its thirteenth year, the Award is one of the most prestigious for a single short story.

Reading The City

Celebrating the best short stories from cities in the UK and from around the world.