The Universe Delivers the Enemy You Need

Format: Paperback
Book type: Short Story Collection
ISBN-13: 9781912697755
Published: 29 Feb 2024


RRP: £9.99

in Paperback will be availble from 29 Feb 2024


An actor auditioning for a short film is asked to render an entire life, over 50 years of drama, into a single look....

A space pilot, tasked with running sub-lightspeed missions,  struggles to stop his family from disintegrating while dealing with the real-world effects of time-dilation...

A refugee community steals cuttings of a new, genetically engineered 'skyscraper plant' to seed their own shantytown a world away from the uber-rich...

Adam Marek's stories have always led us into strange and startling new worlds: futures replete with the unlikeliest of technologies, worldviews shaped and coloured by the intrinsic oddity of modern life. But in his third collection we see a new set of pressures bearing down on his characters, both personal and seemingly insurmountable. Parents use holograms to protect their children from the judgements of others; teenagers take refuge in run-down factories, training harder each day to face the monstrous foes outside. The cause of these pressures may often be science fictional, in nature, but Marek's responses to them are always entirely human.