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A coroner reveals a body’s tell-tale clues to his students, as he unwittingly dissects his own relationship . . .

A breakdown driver turns his roadside routine into a quite different type of pick-up . . .

Two creative writing tutors discuss the merits of ‘hardboiled’ versus ‘cosy’ schools of crime writing, while a murderous student points out that it’s really procedure that counts . . .

The second in this series of anthologies from the CWA picks up the primary scent of any investigation: the modus operandi; the signature that identifies any repeat offender, the ‘how’ that supersedes the ‘why’. From the ex-doctor tenderly administering a final prescription to his victims, the party of finishing school debutantes exacting revenge on their lecherous host… these stories demonstrate that, even with the most despicable of crimes, there’s methodology in the madness.


"Packs more heat than than a hoodlum’s armpit holster"
- Mxlexia, Feb 09 Read review.

"Pick of the book is Karline Smith's 'Dirty, Evil Greed', which is set in 1970s Jamaica and captures both atmosphere and a pervading feel of evil. She's undoubtedly a writer to watch – and wow, she's not a white middle-aged man either!"
- Reviewing the Evidence, May 08 Read review.