Format: Paperback
Book type: Anthology
ISBN-13: 9781905583003
Published: 28 Jul 2006


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A woman contemplating suicide on Beachy Head finds a bench dedicated to the memory of herself.

An art lover in Venice conducts a spree of mutilations as a response to the Surrealist Movement.

At Heathrow Airport, armed police take up positions to apprehend the wrong man...

The latest showcase of shorts from the CWA celebrates the ‘who’ in the whodunnit, the psyche behind the psychological profile. Husbands lead double lives, psychologists confuse perpetrators with ex-partners, neighbours reassess the people they thought they knew. It seems if there’s one thing you can’t classify or slap an ID card on, it’s the id.

The collection includes stories by two recipients of the Crime Writers’ Association ‘Diamond Dagger’ lifetime achievement award (Peter Lovesey and Robert Barnard), and an American Grand Master awardee (Edward D Hoch, who has published more crime short stories than anyone else, ever!).


"The book feels exactly right, with its matt finish and bright pages, the spine picked out in mackintosh-olive-drab; I spent a few minutes coveting the care taken by Comma before I began reading...." - The Short Review, Read review.

"There isn't one dud. What's most fun is the inventive ways the contributors have responded to the theme." - The Observer, Read review.

"A sharp and imaginative anthology... they're onto a winner." - Sharon Wheeler, Reviewing the Evidence, Read review.