Tonino Benacquista

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Tonino Benacquista has been, in turn, a museum night watchman, a train guard, a professional parasite on the Paris cocktail circuit, and one of the most successful authors of fiction, graphic novels, and film scripts in France today. Recent screenplays include De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté (The Beat My Heart Skipped) and Sur mes lèvres (Read My Lips), both directed by Jacques Audiard. His novel Morsures de l'aube (Love Bites) was adapated for the cinema by Antoine de Caunes. His novels have previously won the Trophee 813 and the Grand Prix des lectrices de Elle, and two are currently available in English from Bitter Lemon Press: Holy Smoke and Someone Else. His story here, La Boîte noire, taken from the collection Tout l’ego, was converted into a film by Richard Berry in 2005.

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