True North: Selected Stories

Selected Stories

Format: Hardback
Book type: Short Story Collection
ISBN-13: 978-1912697779
Published: 07 Dec 2023


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The year all Europe's acrobats relocate to Paris to help finish the Eifel Tower, two twin sisters accompany their fellow performers only to discover a completely different side to the city...

A bryologist enters a patch of ancient British woodland to research a rare strain of moss, but encounters an even more exotic specimen…

Two Inuit women learn to survive against all odds in the desperate cold of the Arctic Circle, that is until one day a stranger shows up...

Spanning over 40 years of writing, Sara Maitland's Selected Stories brings together the highlights of a phenomenal career in short fiction. Traditional folk stories, myths and fairy tales are expertly modernised with feminist and scientific reworkings, by an acknowledged master of the genre. Drawing from classical, Norse, Inuit and other pagan mythology, these stories find folkloric archetypes alive and well in every conceivable modern context. Formally innovative, emotionally edgy and deeply imbued with a sense of landscape, they speak to our abiding concerns about humanity's relationship with the natural world, and the friction between ancient ritual and modern neglect.