Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson

Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson is first and foremost a short story writer. His first stories were published in his high school magazine, M.R., and in 1987 his story ‘Saknaa’ (Missing) was published in the literary magazine TMM. He was at the time working on his first short story collection, and the poetry book Eftirlast augnablik (Wanted Moments). To date, he has published five collections of short stories, the latest being Tvisvar à Ãvinni (Twice in a Lifetime, 2004). His stories have also appeared in numerous magazines. He is working on his first novel.

Publications by Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson

Twice in a Lifetime

Each of Sverrisson’s stories offers an intricate study in the precariousness of life, the frailty of every fleeting opportunity.

Anthologies featuring Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson

Decapolis: Tales from Ten Cities

Decapolis is a book which imagines the city otherwise. Bringing together ten writers from across Europe, it offers snapshots of their native cities, freezing for a moment the characters and complexities that define them.