Ahmel Echevarría Peré

Ahmel Echevarria Pare was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1974. One of Cuba’s most acclaimed younger writers, he was a student at the Jorge Onelio Cardoso Centre for Literary Formation, where he now works as the editor of its website. He is also editor of the website Vercuba, and writes a column in the literary magazine Cuba Contemporánea. His books include: Inventario (UNION, 2007, Cuba), the short novel Esquirlas (Letras Cubanas, 2006, Cuba);  Búfalos camino al matadero (Oriente, 2013, Cuba); and La noria (UNION, 2013, Cuba). He awarded the David UNION prize in 2004 for his book Inventario. The Franz Kafka Novelas de Gaveta Prize in the Czech Republic 2011 for his book Dias de entrenamiento, which also awarded the Italo Calvino Prize 2012. His book La Noria was awarded the Critic Prize 2013.

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