Akhteruzzaman Elias

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Akhteruzzaman Elias (1943-1997) was a Bangladeshi novelist and short story writer, who despite only writing two novels, is regarded by most critics as among the pantheon of great Bengali authors. Chilekothar Sepai (The Soldier in the Attic, 1987) detailed the psychological journey of a man during the turbulent period just prior to Bangladeshi independence in 1971, and offered an unrivalled depiction of life in Puran Dhaka - the old town. Khoabnama (A Tale of Dreams, 1996) depicts the socio-political scene in rural pre-partition Bangladesh. His many awards include Bangla Academy Award for Literature (1983), the Kazi Mahbubullah Gold Medal (1996), and the Ekushey Padak (posthumously, 1999).

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