Amy Sackville

Amy Sackville FRSL is a British writer whose debut novel The Still Point was the winner of the 2010 John Llewellyn Rhys Prize. Her second, Orkney, won a Somerset Maugham award in 2014. Sackville studied English and theatre studies at Leeds University, followed by an MPhil at Oxford's Exeter College before taking a job in the publishing industry. Her most recent novel, Painter to the King (Granta, 2018), tells the story of the artist Velázquez’s time as court painter to Philip IV of Spain. She is an occasional reviewer and writer of short fiction, and a member of the Royal Society of Literature. 

Anthologies featuring Amy Sackville

Refugee Tales: Volume IV

In a difficult year marked by divisive politics, ongoing Brexit negotiations, and a global pandemic, the plight of the refugee has been dropped from the front pages. But as the coronavirus death toll rises, the cost of denial and indecision is paid by real people