Andra Neiburga

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Andra Neiburga (born 1957) is a prose writer and a well-known author of short stories. A graduate of the Latvian Academy of Art, she has worked as a designer for the magazines Avots and Karogs and has chaired the Latvian Young Writers' Association. Her first two highly acclaimed books were the short story collection Stuffed Birds and Caged Birds (Izbazti putni un putni buros), and the children's book The Story of Tille and the Dog Man (Stasts par Tilli un Sunu viru), published in 1991. After these books, she only started publishing her work again in 2002. Push, Push (Stum, stum) is her latest collection of stories and has won her critical and public acclaim. Her stories have been turned into plays and staged in the New Riga Theatre. Several of her stories have been translated into English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian and published in anthologies abroad.

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