Arno Jundze

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Arno Jundze (born 1965) is a Latvian prose writer, cultural journalist, literary critic and theorist. He has hosted 100g of Culture and other TV programmes, and is one of the creators of the programme Black on White (Melns uz balta) for Latvian television (LTV1). Jundze is an editor of the cultural news section for one of the biggest newspapers in Latvia. He was a member of the State Culture Capital Foundation council and chairman of the board of its literature department from 2010 until 2012. Currently Jundze is head of the Latvian Writers' Union. He has also written two books for children, a collection of stories about Post-Soviet Latvia, and a novel, Dust in an Hourglass (Putekļi smilšu pulkstenī). His latest fantasy novel is Christopher and the Order of Shadows (Kristofers un ēnu ordenis). Jundze's works for children have been nominated for the prestigious Jānis Baltvilks Award, and his prose is popular with readers across the country.

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