Artur Becker

Artur Becker, son of Polish-German parents, was born in 1968 in Bartoszyce (Masuria/Poland). His publications include Der Dadajsee (Lake Dada, novel, 1997), Dame mit dem Hermelin (Lady with Ermine, poems, 2000), Die Milchstraße (The Milky Way, stories, 2002), Kino Muza (Cinema Muza, novel, 2003), Die Zeit der Stinte (Time of the Smelts, novella, 2006), Das Herz von Chopin (Chopin’s Heart, novel, 2006) and Wodka und Messer. Lied vom Ertrinken (Vodka and Knives. Song of Drowning, novel). He has received numerous awards and literary scholarships including the Autorenförderung des Literaturfonds Darmstadt.

Anthologies featuring Artur Becker

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Featuring short stories by twelve acclaimed writers from the Cities on the Edge, ReBerth explores these landscapes of change - the social tensions, the scars of war and economic decline, the attempts at regeneration, and the startling and sometimes unsavoury secrets of how these cities’ inhabitants thrive and survive.