Dalibor Šimpraga

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Dalibor Šimpraga (b. 1969) is a writer and editor of the weekly magazine Globus. Kavice Andreja Puplina (Andrej Puplin’s Coffee Chats), a collection of short stories about the lives of 20–year–olds living in the 90’s in Zagreb, was published in 2002. These urban, hard tales about the everyday life of a lost war generation were previously published on the Internet, where they achieved great popularity. In 1998 director Branko Ištvancic shot a movie based on the novel, and the actor Hrvoje Zalar turned it into a play. Together with the writer Igor Štiks he was editor of the Anthology of new Croatian prose fiction from the 90’s 22 u hladu (22 in the shade, 1999).

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