Kaori Ekuni

Born in 1964, Kaori Ekuni came to prominence initially as the author of young adults’ books before garnering several awards for her short fiction – taking the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize in 2002 for Oyogu no ni Anzen de mo Tekisetsu de mo Arimasen (‘Not Safe or Suitable for Swimming’), and the Naoki Prize in 2004 for Gokyu Suru Junbi wa Dekite Ita (‘I Was Already Prepared to Wail in Lament’). Her novels include Kirakira Hikaru (‘Twinkle Twinkle’) published in 1991, and Hoyo, Arui wa Raisu ni wa Shio O (‘To Embrace, or to Pour Salt on the Rice’, 2010), which is now regarded as one of her most important works.

Anthologies featuring Kaori Ekuni

The Book of Tokyo

Bestselling anthology of short fiction about the city of Tokyo, translated into English for the first time.