Emma Parsons

Emma Parsons started a career in journalism and editing in the 1970s as a newscaster in Iran for National Iranian TV and Radio. She also co-wrote and acted in a popular Iranian TV show for children. Her awareness of policy iniquities regarding asylum seekers and refugees was first sparked when she was in Djibouti in 1979 and wrote a feature article for The Spectator on the conditions suffered by refugees from neighbouring Ethiopia. Her short story ‘The Turf Cutters’ was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and she was the scriptwriter for Don’t Shut Me! a drama/dance performance at Jackson’s Lane Theatre, London. For the last twenty years, Emma has worked as a teacher in London schools. She has an MA in Language, Ethnicity and Education from King’s College, London.


Anthologies featuring Emma Parsons

Refugee Tales: Volume III

The third volume of Refugee Tales, writers and poets tell the stories of refugees who have suffered under UK immigration rule.