Fadwa al-Qasem

Fadwa al-Qasem is a Palestinian author, born in Libya (1963), with Canadian citizenship. Her short stories have appeared in Akhbar Al Adab (Cairo), Al Adab Magazine and Al Hayat Newspaper (Lebanon), and Al Bayan (UAE), and in English in Banipal #27, In Our Own Words (USA), as well as on websites. She keeps a bilingual blog – www.gypsyexpress.com - and works as the Creative Director of Tabeer, a company providing bilingual content and translation services. Her first collection of short stories in Arabic The Scent of Cardamom, was published by Dar Sharqiyat in 2005. She is currently working on translating this collection into English and on her second collection of Arabic short stories.

Fadwa al-Qasem - placeholder book cover