Geoff Ryman

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Geoff Ryman is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and surrealistic or 'slipstream' fiction. He has published eleven books and won 14 awards; his most recent full-length novel, The King's Last Song, is set in Cambodia, both at the time of Angkorean emperor Jayavarman VII, and in the present period. His novella Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter was shortlisted for a Nebula Award. In addition to being an established author, he has editorial experience. Among is his ten books is Tesseracts9, an anthology of original Canadian science fiction and winner of the Prix Aurore. His most recent SF novel, Air won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award, the Canadian Sunburst Award, and the James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award. He is the founder of the Mundane SF movement, which agrees to avoid badscience tropes. In 2008 he edited the Mundane Special Issue of Interzone magazine. 

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