Gyrðir Elíasson

Gyrðir Elíasson was born in 1961, and has been a full time writer almost all his adult life, well-known in Iceland for his poetry and novels as well as his short stories. His collection The Yellow House was awarded the Icelandic Literature Prize and the Halldor Laxnes Prize for Literature in 2000, and he has received numerous other nominations since. He is also a prolific translator of American literature into Icelandic, having translated four of Richard Brautigan’s novels.
In April 2011 he won the prestgious Nordic Council Literature Prize for his new short story collection, Milli trjánna (Among the Trees).

Publications by Gyrðir Elíasson

Stone Tree

In almost every one of Eliasson's stories we find people taking leave of their normal lives in order to take their dreams more seriously.

Anthologies featuring Gyrðir Elíasson

Elsewhere: Stories from Small Town Europe

Pressed to describe what the phrase ‘small town’ conjures up, we’d be hard pushed to say anything positive: closed-minded; petty; provincial; parochial. On a broad European canvas, however, the rich traditions of short story writing challenge these preconceptions.