Jude Brown

Jude Brown grew up in Middlesbrough and has lived in London, Liverpool, Reading and Sydney. A career gypsy she's worked as a secretary, nurse, designer, art therapist and creative writing tutor. 

She moved to Sheffield to study an MA in Writing where she began writing His Dark Sun, her debut novel, due to be published by Mayfly Press in February 2019. Her short stories and poems have been published in several anthologies and her work has been shortlisted for the Bridport and Raymond Carver Short Story Prizes. She has co-hosted a Comma Press Short Story Course and she is the recipient of a Northern Writers’ Award, and an Arts Council Award.

At the age of ten she dedicated her summer break to writing a full length children's book, which she typed up on a Petite typewriter. The manuscript got lost when she moved house a year later. She is still sore about it.

Anthologies featuring Jude Brown

Resist: Stories of Uprising

The follow-up to Comma’s successful Protest: Stories of Resistance anthology, featuring twenty authors, whose stories have been written in collaboration with historians and eye-witnesses from centuries of British protest.

Resist: Stories of Uprising

The paperback edition of our popular anthology exploring 20 key moments of British protest history, from Boudica to Grenfell.