Liana Badr


Liana Badr is a novelist, story writer, journalist, and poet. Raised in Jericho, she obtained a BA in philosophy and psychology from the Beirut Arab University, but was not able to complete her MA due to the Lebanese Civil War. She has worked as a volunteer in various Palestinian women’s organizations, and as an editor in the Al Hurriyya review cultural section. After 1982, she moved to Damascus, then Tunis, and Amman. She returned to Palestine in 1994. Since her first novel A Compass for the Sunflower (Women's Press), in 1979, she has since published three collection so of short stories (Stories of Love and Pursuit, Golden Hell, I Want the Day), a collection of novellas (Balcony Over the Fakahani), two further novels, a biography of the poet Fadwa Touqan and five children’s books.

Books by Liana Badr