Lucy Caldwell

Lucy Caldwell was born in Belfast in 1981 and lives in London. She read English at Queen’s College, Cambridge and is a graduate of Goldsmith’s MA in Creative & Life Writing. She has published two novels, Where They Were Missed (2006) and The Meeting Point (2011), and her third, All the Beggars Riding, will be published in January 2013. The Meeting Point featured on BBC Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime and was awarded the 2011 Dylan Thomas Prize. She is also a playwright whose stage plays (Leaves, Guardians, Notes to Future Self) and radio dramas (Girl from Mars, Avenues of Eternal Peace, Witch Week) have won numerous awards including the George Divine Award and the Imison Award. In 2011, Lucy was awarded the prestigious Rooney Prize for Irish Literature for her body of work to date.

Anthologies featuring Lucy Caldwell

The BBC International Short Story Award 2012

In honour of the 2012 Olympics, this edition opened its doors to international short story submissions from all over the world, thus becoming the first BBC International Short Story Award.


Short stories from an A-Life Future, inspired by the vway we interact with technology, the roles we adopt in an increasingly ‘intelligent’ environment, and how we interface with each other.