Maurizio Veglio

Maurizio Veglio is a clinical faculty member at the International University College (IUC) of Turin and a lawyer – admitted to the Turin bar – specialising in immigration law. Since 2011 he is a lecturer at the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic (HRMLC). He is author of articles and contributions on the topic of asylum, administrative detention, legal storytelling and cultural translation. In 2014 he co-authored the textbook ‘Lo straniero e il giudice civile’ (Utet). Among his recent works, ‘Uomini tradotti. Prove di dialogo con richiedenti asilo’ (Diritto, immigraziomne e cittadinanza), ‘L’attualità del male. La Libia dei Lager è verità processuale’ (Seb27, 2018) and ‘La malapena. Sulla crisi della giustizia al tempo dei centri di trattenimento degli stranieri’ (Seb27, 2020).

Anthologies featuring Maurizio Veglio

Refugee Tales: Volume IV

In a difficult year marked by divisive politics, ongoing Brexit negotiations, and a global pandemic, the plight of the refugee has been dropped from the front pages. But as the coronavirus death toll rises, the cost of denial and indecision is paid by real people