Mustafa Gundogdu

Mutafa Gundogdu

Born in the city of Dersim, and currently based in London, Mustafa Gündoğdu has worked as a coordinator for various human rights and conflict resolution NGOs over 20 years, where his roles included in-house translator (working on over 100 books and articles). He has since worked as a freelance editor and second reader on a number of Kurdish translations, including Sara: My Whole life was a Struggle by Sakine Cansiz translated by Janet Biehl (Pluto) and Uprising, Suppression, Retribution by Ahmet Kahraman translated by Andrew Penny (Taderon). He is the founder and former Coordinator of London Kurdish Film Festival, and has organised Kurdish film festivals and screenings in London, New York, Dublin, Glasgow, Istanbul, and Busan. He is the author of numerous articles on Kurdish cinema published in Kurdish, Turkish, English and Korean.

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