Peppe Lanzetta

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Peppe Lanzetta was born in Naples in 1956. He first worked as a lyricist with singers Edoardo Bennato, Pino Daniele, James Senese and Franco Battiato. His theatrical debut was Neapolitan Repented (1983) which was followed by plays such as Roipnol (1984), The Gospel according to Lanzetta (1986), Tropic of Naples (1998), and ‘Give us Back Our Dreams’ (2001). An actor, screenwriter, and the director of short films, he has worked with Piscicelli, Tornatore, Cavani, De Crescenzo, Loy, Martone, Asia Argento, and Scimeca. His published works include Burn up my Life (Baldini & Castoldi, 1996), A Love with Expiration Date (Baldini & Castoldi, 1998), and A Trip to Naples (Paravia, 1997).

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