Sven Kuzmins

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Sven Kuzmins (born 1985) is a Latvian writer, artist and actor. He mainly writes prose fiction, critical articles, and journalism, but also experiments with various forms of visual arts and literature. He is actively involved in other media projects, and is known to the wider public as one of the initiators and authors behind the NERTEN sketch theatre project. He also hosts a weekly literary show on Latvian Radio 1 called ‘Dear readers. Conversations about literature’ (Cienījamie lasītāji. Etīdes par literatūru). Urban Shamans (Pilsētas šamaņi) is Kuzmins' first collection of stories, accompanied by his own graphic drawings. His works have been translated into English, Russian, Spanish, and Lithuanian, and published in various printed and online platforms. He is currently working on his second book.

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