Yildiz Cakar

Yıldız Çakar, born in Amed (Diyarbakır) in 1978, is a poet, novelist and playwright. Her poems were collected into two books titled Goristana Stêrkan (The Graveyard of Stars) in 2004 and Deri (The Door) in 2012, a book of short stories (Duhok, 2008), an encyclopedia about Diyarbakır city (2012) and prose texts based on the Sacred Avesta and published under the title Leylanok (The Mirage, 2014). Two recent books of hers are novels entitled Gerîneka Guernîcayê (The Guernica Whirlpool, 2016) and Ev Rê Naçe Bihuştê (This Way Doesn’t Lead to Heaven, 2019). Yildiz Çakar is one of the founder members of the Kurdish Writers’ Association and a member of Kurdish-PEN. She now lives in Berlin.

Anthologies featuring Yildiz Cakar

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