Quartier Perdu

Sean O'Brien

Second collection of short stories by the multi-award-winning poet, playwright and journalist Sean O’Brien.

The Silence Room

Sean O'Brien

Chain-smoking alcoholics, warring academics, gothic stalkers and aspiring writers are just some of the visitors that browse the mysterious library at the heart of Sean O’Brien’s fiction debut.

The New Abject

ed. Sarah Eyre, Ra Page

A sequel to Comma‘s award-winning horror anthology The New Uncanny. Featuring specially commissioned stories inspired by Julia Kristeva’s theory of the abject.

Phobic: Modern Horror Stories

ed. Andy Murray

Phobic shines a torch into the unlit areas of the modern subconscious and suggests the more we know, the more we realise how worried we really should be.

The New Uncanny

ed. Sarah Eyre, Ra Page

14 leading authors have here been challenged to write fresh fictional interpretations of what the uncanny might mean in the 21st century, to update Freud’s famous checklist of what gives us the creeps, and to give the hulking canon of uncanny fiction a shot in the arm, a shock to the neck-bolts...