Newcastle Stories

Edited by Angela Readman

How important is setting in a piece of fiction? To what extent does the city that a story’s set in play a role in the texture, tone and character of what unfurls? Do stories belong to their real-life settings no-matter how fictional they are?

Published in September 04, issue 1 Newcastle Stories 1, six established and award-winning Newcastle authors kick-started a unique new magazine series that featured anthologies of new work twice a year and free to readers of The Crack. Poets, playwrights and novelists were specially commissioned for the first issue, to capture the character, and characters, of Newcastle - in stories that range from recognisable quayside drinking dens to the commanding ramparts of the Lit and Phil library, from an anonymous call centre on the edge of town, to a family backyard full of feathers.

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1 Sep 2004